christopher j wray



  1. Born in Hartlepool, England on 21st December 1980
  2. Composed and produced over 20 albums and other projects
  3. Collaborated with some of the best musicians and bands, such as Eva Moon, Colin Mansfield & Intelligentsia
  4. One of the first Electronic musicians to perform and broadcast live music over the Internet more than ten years ago
  5. Currently working on his next project titled ‘METROPOLIS’ which is scheduled for 2013 release

Back in 2002, Christopher J Wray released his first professional album ‘Dreamers’ to great critical acclaim.  Since then, he has gone from strength-to-strength throughout the years.  In 2006, he collaborated with fellow ‘Brit’ and Electronica guru, Colin Mansfield with the Sound Commandos, which also received high praise from many established music journalists and other entities.  A year later, Wray joined UK/Japan Electronica act, Intelligentsia, heavily influenced by the likes of Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream & Kraftwerk.  He stayed with the band for a couple of years, before continuing his solo efforts in composing, producing and performing.

Wray has performed in the likes of Netherlands & Denmark, he also just embarked on his first North American tour which took him to the likes of Seattle & Minneapolis.  He hopes that one day he’ll return back to those places, alongside his ambition to perform in Japan in the future.

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In 2010, Wray composed a special 3-track EP titled ‘The Tall Ships’ – A dedication to the Tall Ships Race which was held in his home town, when the event had finished it’s dramatic race and docked within the Marina of Hartlepool.  The EP became the official soundtrack for the event, it was also one of Wray’s first compositions where he delved into more classical-orientated compositions.

But perhaps his biggest endeavour was in 2012, which he was to tour North America, which brought him to the likes of Seattle & Minneapolis.  A totally wonderful and memorable event which brought together live stage collaborations with Eva Moon, a wonderfully talented Jazz-style singer.  His tour was not complete without the extra special guest, Colin Mansfield, where albeit brief, performed an impromptu Sound Commandos set to the delight of the Minneapolis audiences.

Christopher J Wray is currently working on his 2013 project ‘METROPOLIS


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